Be Easy Baby, You Got This Girls

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Eastover, S.C. – Local radio personality did more than visit with the young women enrolled at South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy, April 22, 2016. She delivered a message full of encouragement and hope towards a brighter future. Brandy Henshaw aka Beasy Baybie from Hot 103.9, is no stranger to hardship just as the young women enrolled in the quasi-military school. As a young child into her adult years, becoming a convicted felon herself, she proclaimed, “everything I have ever been through has been preparing me for something greater, I just didn’t know it at the time. No one can ever take that away from me.”

The young women, 16-18 years old enrolled in South Carolina Youth Challenge, labeled as “at-risk youth” refuse to live up to such a label of “at-risk”. These South Carolina Youth are determined to prove they are committed to change and success. “Beasy Baybie gave me hope, my past mistakes in life are what make me stronger. I am not a bad kid and I can make it out alive without doing things to hurt myself or my family. I’ll remember this day for a long time,” said a smiling 18-year-old Cadet Diaz.

All 32 sets of eyes were on Beasy Baybie as she painted a vivid, sometimes comical vision of her life story, filled with several high and lows points. Touching on topics of sexuality, drug use, domestic violence from home and personal relationships, homelessness, prison, and finally finding hope. Slotted for only thirty minutes, Beasy Baybie captivated her audience in such a way, she continued well into an hour.

Beasy Baybie is active in the South Carolina communities and with our youth. Organized a drive during the SC Floods last year orchestrated and participated in a Christmas day dinner for the homeless last December 2015. Recently spoke at the SC Employ Ability Kick-Off Event held February 27, 2016, in downtown Columbia, SC.

She co-owns Kool Kamp, an entertainment business focused on “changing the standard of cool” for the youth. Making doing the right thing and staying true to one’s self the KOOL thing to do. A look into her social media will give insight to her passion taken from her Facebook, Beasy Baybie:

“I do this for US! For those of us with #humblebeginnings. For the child from a #brokenhome. For the little girl that grew up #fatherless. For the #teenparent. For the #homeless teen. I do this for the #parent who cries when the kids aren’t watching because they are exhausted and scared. For the #abused. For the #victims of #domesticviolence. I press on for the kids in #fostercare #grouphomes and #detentioncenters. I go hard because I remember when I was in your shoes, I felt like nobody went hard for! When I wanna give up, I remember the #excons the #felons that fight every day I move barriers because someone is watching me live my dream and giving themselves permission to live theirs. I can’t give up because somebody is relying on ME to change the image, to set the standard, to break the ceiling, and move the bar.”

The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is a voluntary 17-month dropout recovery program that helps at-risk youths earn their high school diploma or GED.  More than 135,000 cadets nationwide within 35 programs located in 27 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico since 1998. The S.C. Youth ChalleNGe Academy provides an opportunity for at-risk youth to develop the values, life skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults. Visit their website for more local information SC Youth Challenge Academy. For national information about the organization visit the National Guard Youth Foundation website.


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Add Some Color to Your Run Columbia

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COLUMBIA, SC, April 14, 2016 –  The happiest 5K run on the planet is coming to Columbia, South Carolina, April 16, 2016. The Color Run franchise will be hosting the Tropicolor World Tour 2016 at Finley Park. Thousands of people will attend the fun new way to enjoy being fit while being covered in bright colors made from corn starch. The color run appeals to all ages and range of fitness levels, whether you are a fitness novice or the guru of all things fitness. A family friendly event your children will love to take part of. You can join the fun and run for a cause, sign up as a group or for a solo run at the happiest 5k run on the planet this Saturday.

This will be the fourth year the Color Run has come to Columbia, adding to the over 200 cities and 40 countries worldwide they host a variety of color run events in. Don’t miss out on the fun and signup today. Several packages are available for you when signing up, which include a t-shirt, fun colorful tattoos, your race number, and any other items you choose to purchase to add to your experience. If you miss this opportunity, no worries, the Color Run hosts a variety of events and you can find one in a neighboring city near you by visiting their website.

“I ran in the color run last year with my friends and we had so much fun. Everyone there had so much energy. So many happy people in one place is contagious, then add getting sprayed with all these colors! It’s an all around win for everyone involved, it really is one of the best things I have ever done. I will definitely be there again this year,” said an excited Stephany Martinez, a 2015 Color Run participate.

“My mommy signed me up last year and I love my mommy even more for letting me do it. When I got to get the pink color on my white shirt, it made me feel so happy. I couldn’t wait to get to the next color. She signed up the whole family this time.” said eight-year-old Taylor Ruth.

About The Color Run:

The color run has distinguished themselves above the rest and became the single largest event series in the world. While the events are all about having fun, the mission is to get more people involved with a healthy lifestyle. More information about different events, their mission, and all around positive outlook on getting fit can be found at


For more information about The Color Run, please visit







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Steps to Transition to Veganism

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Are you thinking about changing what you eat? Here are a few resources and info to help ease your transition. Diet is primarily addressed here. Once you learn the plant-based substitutions for the foods and products you’re used to enjoying and get the hang of ordering in restaurants and reading labels, you can decide if veganism is really the lifestyle change for you.

First Decide Why Veganism?

Being strongly connected to your “why” or reason for veganism will make your transition infinitely easier. Many people who choose veganism are what’s known as an ethical vegan, meaning they oppose the exploitation of animals and use of animal products for any purpose. Some people are vegan for the environment, others for personal health, and some for social justice. Whatever your reason is, be strongly connected to it and to the difference you make with your choice. If you are unsure of a reason, PeTA has a top ten reasons list you can check out.

PeTA’s Top 10 Reasons to Go Vegan

If you decide you are going to become a vegan for environmental reasons, a “vegan calculator” that calculates the positive impact you’ve made on the planet by being vegan can be found at Vegan Calculator and Recommended Movies with documentaries for your viewing. A word of caution, Earthlings, the Ghosts in Our Machines, and the Cove are extremely graphic. Cowspiracy illustrates the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industries while Forks Over Knives explores the effects of a vegan diet on the body.

Secondly Think About Cooking and Nutritional Needs

You have decided to not only change what you eat but what you cook. You must consider how cooking is going to impact your choice.  is a comprehensive guide to making the switch. The “food” section offers many helpful guidelines and tips. As a vegan, you can no longer cook with eggs, dairy products, or any animal based products. The following additional resources address substitutions, vegan recipes, and blogs to follow

10 Food Substitutions Every Plant-Based Eat
er Should Know

10 Great Vegan Recipes Everyone Should Know

60 Great Vegan Recipes

20 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes

20 of the Best Vegan Blogs to Follow

You must realize that eliminating animal products is only step one, step two os replacing the nutrients. Protein, iron, and calcium need to be replaced with plant-based sources. Fortunately, nature made it easy to get everything we need from plants.

25 Delicious Vegan Sources of Protein

Iron In The Vegan Diet

25 Vegan Sources for Calcium

Third, Consider How Eating Out Will Change for You

Surprisingly most places you go will have vegan options available. If there isn’t an option listed on the menu, simply ask. You can also “veganize” menu items by leaving off cheese, sour cream, etc. State you are vegan and confirm you do not eat eggs, milk, cheese, etc. It seems redundant, however, not everyone is familiar with the terms “vegan” or “plant-based”, be super specific when ordering. A few helpful resources available are Complete Vegan Menus at Fast Food Restaurants, 20 Vegan Fast Food Options and Yelp, also available as mobile app filled with businesses in the area you live or are visiting.

Last but Not Least, Get Connected 

Social media has been instrumental in the expansion of the vegan diet and lifestyle. There’s a community of people out there who want nothing more than to celebrate the joys of being vegan and invite more people to join to our plant-eating posse.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest are the hot spots. Set aside an hour, search #veganfoodshare, and dive in!

Remember, veganism is a choice. Stay dedicated, do your homework, and make sure you are ready for this lifestyle change. Research before making any decisions and make sure veganism is right for you. Be sure to consult with a physician before making any dietary changes which many affect your health.

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