I’m Not Special, I’m Me, Doing What He Wants Me To

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Photo Taken by Marissa Vannall

Beasy Baybie, the unique familiar voice known throughout the Midlands is more than just an energetic radio personality pumping through listener’s speakers on HOT 103.9. As a Philadelphia native, she has become a sought-after motivational speaker throughout the East Coast, sharing stories of abuse, violence, drug use, illegal activities, and her road to redemption. Giving people hope with life experiences and the deep spiritual understanding that drives her every move. Never shy about her faith and trust she has in God.



Her journey has made her the first civilian celebrity to speak at The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, (WRAIR) receiving a Certificate of Achievement for speaking at the Sexual Harassment Assault Response & Prevention, “SHARP Expo,” held in Maryland. “Christopher, the person over a program at Walter Reed, reached out to me,” says Beasy, “he had been following my journey on my Instagram for 2 years.” Adding that, “he was a listener of the Charlotte Morning Radio Show I was on. She says, “he had to do a lot of work to have me speak at the expo.”

The community is taking notice, inviting her to speak at The Palmetto Healthy Start Empowerment Summit held for children and mothers of all ages, SC Employ Ability Conference regarding convicted felons, the Second Chance Program, and the South Carolina National Guard Youth Challenge Academy to name a few. The top news media outlet in Columbia has requested her insight about the Grammy’s and most recently, the death of Prince. The people want to know what she has to say and they are listening. “I don’t see what everyone sees in me. I’m just doing what he wants me to,” referring to God.

Coming from very down to earth, Beasy has graced several diverse audiences this year. Being asked to speak at the Virginia College Graduation amidst skeptics, delivering a carefully developed message coupled with her story and scripture to graduates, saying, “where they are in their lives now is purposed and where they are going is purposed.”

Beasy Baybie has been asked to speak about all aspects of her life because her story is real, many people can relate to it. “I know how it feels to be alone and lost. I’ve been at the cliffs edge. Without hesitation, she says, “not wanting to live, not knowing where to go.” She continues to say, “I thank God for the people I could reach out to, people who know the answer, to talk sense to me.”

When asked about how she feels about all this attention, Beasy had this to say, “I do not care for the applause or the attention,” very humbly she continues, “I feel like I’m me. I’m just a regular person who went through some things like everybody else. I do not want people to think I am the way to God, cause I’m not.” She says, “I’m just somebody who has a connection to him. But, so do they,” referring to all the people she comes in contact with. “I just hope that something I say will awaken you, not because I want a hug but because I want you to go praise God for allowing you to hear something that you needed to hear.”

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