Be Easy Baby, You Got This Girls

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Eastover, S.C. – Local radio personality did more than visit with the young women enrolled at South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy, April 22, 2016. She delivered a message full of encouragement and hope towards a brighter future. Brandy Henshaw aka Beasy Baybie from Hot 103.9, is no stranger to hardship just as the young women enrolled in the quasi-military school. As a young child into her adult years, becoming a convicted felon herself, she proclaimed, “everything I have ever been through has been preparing me for something greater, I just didn’t know it at the time. No one can ever take that away from me.”

The young women, 16-18 years old enrolled in South Carolina Youth Challenge, labeled as “at-risk youth” refuse to live up to such a label of “at-risk”. These South Carolina Youth are determined to prove they are committed to change and success. “Beasy Baybie gave me hope, my past mistakes in life are what make me stronger. I am not a bad kid and I can make it out alive without doing things to hurt myself or my family. I’ll remember this day for a long time,” said a smiling 18-year-old Cadet Diaz.

All 32 sets of eyes were on Beasy Baybie as she painted a vivid, sometimes comical vision of her life story, filled with several high and lows points. Touching on topics of sexuality, drug use, domestic violence from home and personal relationships, homelessness, prison, and finally finding hope. Slotted for only thirty minutes, Beasy Baybie captivated her audience in such a way, she continued well into an hour.

Beasy Baybie is active in the South Carolina communities and with our youth. Organized a drive during the SC Floods last year orchestrated and participated in a Christmas day dinner for the homeless last December 2015. Recently spoke at the SC Employ Ability Kick-Off Event held February 27, 2016, in downtown Columbia, SC.

She co-owns Kool Kamp, an entertainment business focused on “changing the standard of cool” for the youth. Making doing the right thing and staying true to one’s self the KOOL thing to do. A look into her social media will give insight to her passion taken from her Facebook, Beasy Baybie:

“I do this for US! For those of us with #humblebeginnings. For the child from a #brokenhome. For the little girl that grew up #fatherless. For the #teenparent. For the #homeless teen. I do this for the #parent who cries when the kids aren’t watching because they are exhausted and scared. For the #abused. For the #victims of #domesticviolence. I press on for the kids in #fostercare #grouphomes and #detentioncenters. I go hard because I remember when I was in your shoes, I felt like nobody went hard for! When I wanna give up, I remember the #excons the #felons that fight every day I move barriers because someone is watching me live my dream and giving themselves permission to live theirs. I can’t give up because somebody is relying on ME to change the image, to set the standard, to break the ceiling, and move the bar.”

The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is a voluntary 17-month dropout recovery program that helps at-risk youths earn their high school diploma or GED.  More than 135,000 cadets nationwide within 35 programs located in 27 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico since 1998. The S.C. Youth ChalleNGe Academy provides an opportunity for at-risk youth to develop the values, life skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults. Visit their website for more local information SC Youth Challenge Academy. For national information about the organization visit the National Guard Youth Foundation website.


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