Library Mobile Apps Provides Educational Needs to At-Risk Youth

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Since I have been employed at the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy, I have seen first hand the effects of living in low income areas as it pertains teens. When the students arrive, they must take the TABE Test which is the Test for Adult Basic Education. The test measures basic skills in math, ELA (English, Language Arts), science and social studies. Over half of the teens do not score over a 5th or 6th grade level in several of the areas, many score even lower. A large majority of the youth who come through the program are underprivileged and do not have access to out reach programs or local community services, which include the libraries. Often libraries are located within the city or town limits and provide services for the youth, especially during the summer. Tutoring services are available at little to no cost along with several other educational benefits, however without access to transportation these youth miss the opportunity to expand on their education.

Although a website is available to search for events, jobs, and locations. As an example of a local library, the information I just mention can be viewed at the Richland County Library website. The site does not provide any virtual screening of the upcoming events. A mobile app or site catering to the youth, could provide virtual screening of events, virtual tutoring, access to online education materials catered towards teens or anyone who needs to expand on their education at no cost, to include the lower income areas and more rural less populated locations. The app would should have more imaginary to gain the attention of the users not to mention a simple design. The youth would have access to the library and all the educational benefits through the mobile site or app without having to actually be in the library. The schools and other educational entities in the area can provide the information for the app for the families to download who do not have access to the opportunities available to them.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN would be excellent platforms to create awareness of the mobile site or app. Many educational institutes use these platforms to disseminate information to the public, which would be an ideal starting point to grab the attention of individuals seeking to assist their children in reaching their educational goals and staying on target.

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