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South Carolina
Youth Challenge Academy

The purpose of this video demonstrates the need for the program to assist high school dropouts across the state of South Carolina. The rate youth are not completeing high school is alarming and needs attention. The video offers youth who have dropped out of highschool and heading down the wrong path in life the opportunity to take back thier future.

The Mission

“To intervene in the lives of at-risk youth and produce program graduates with the values, skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as adults.”

Cycle 34 Cadets Gradation Ceremony Photo taken by Marissa Vannall

SWOT Analysis

The program Director Jackie Fogle understand the need to evaluate aspects of the organization that could impact the success of the program. The purpose of this Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis is to address the different aspects. It is important to understand failure to consider key strengths, weaknesses, threats or opportunities can have an negative impact. The following SWOT Analysis of the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy discusses the areas discussed.

South Carolina Youth Challenge in the News and Press Releases

Cycle 35 graduates who attended the POST challenge program had the opportunity to received acknowledgement from SC Governor Nikki Haley.

Press Release: SC Governor Attending South Carolina Youth Challenge Graduation

Press Release resulting in news coverage: South Carolina Youth Challenge starts a new class. Cycle 37 Cadets were featured in a news segment on the local news station, News 19 WLXT, Chuck Ringwalt reporting.

The purpose of this video is to allow parents of potential candidates to get an idea of how students enrolled in the academy view the program.

South Carolina Youth Challenge Events

All About Youth Challenge

A webinar was held to help answer any questions a parent/guardian may have about the program and how it works. The “All about Youth Challenge,” webinar covered many questioned asked about the program and gave insight to how the program works.


The purpose of this video is provide information about the program for potential candidates and guardians. The video breaks down the information about how the program works and gives the audience a chance to recieve a prepective of the program from staff who work one on one with the youth enrolled in the program.

South Carolina Youth Challenge FAQ

For immediate answers visit South Carolina Youth Challenge Frequently Asked Questions.

South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy Snapshot of PR Campaign 

The purpose of this video is assist consumer’s in understanding the branding campaign devoloped for the South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy. The video covers the mission of the pr campaign, the goals, objectives, strategies, and the evaluations of the data collected to determine if the campaign is successful. The data will be evaluated every friday for the next six weeks to analysis if any changes are necessary.

South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy Media Kit

The purpose of the media kit is to assist media outlets produce a video new release or press release about the program. The VNR  includes a collection of short 9-12 second clips and sound bits, visuals of cadets enrolled in the program, interview from a parent, and a staff member.  The media also includes a press release, photos, quick facts about the program, and contact information in regards to the public affairs officer. The media kit is available to all media throughout South Carolina.

Get Social with South Carolina Youth Challenge

Connect with the South Carolina Youth Challenge Facebook, witness young men and women across South Carolina take back their future.

Catch up on the lastest events happening through South Carolina Youth Challenge Twitter .



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