South Carolina’s Best Kept Secret in Education

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Are you a single parent raising a teenager 16-18 years old who is struggling in high school or has dropped out of high school? Your child does not have to be a statistic. Learn how you can help them get back on track towards a successful future. As the public affairs officer for the program, I have seen first hand the outcomes of the students who complete the program successful.

It is necessary tohighlight the rate of the high school dropouts in South Carolina and how the Youth Challenge helps youth not become part of the following statistics reported that dropouts comprise 52% of welfare recipients, 82% of the prison population, and 85% of juvenile justice cases. Were you aware, dropping out of school has been associated with a host of broader negative outcomes, including (a) foregone national income, (b) forgone tax revenues for the support of government services, (c) increased demand for social services, (d) increased crime and antisocial behavior, (e) reduced political participation, (f) reduced intergenerational mobility, and (g) poorer levels of health?

The webinar will include the day in the life of a student enrolled in the program, different opportunities available to the cadets, how the enrollment process works, who the program is for and time available to answer any questions potential clients have.

The presentation will provide answers to what South Carolina Youth Challenge Academy does to improve the life of a high school dropout, how the program is implemented and a first person perspective from teen(s) currently enrolled in the program.

Questions will be answered immediately at the end of the one hour presentation taking place October 14, 2016 from 4pm-5pm.

For more information about the program, please visit the South Carolina Youth Challenge website.

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