FiLMic Pro Turns PR Professional into Film Pros

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For a more in-depth view of FiLMic Pro view the video provided by Epic Tutorials for iPhone, iPad, and iOS

PR professionals have stories to share, moments to capture, and campaigns to create. It is beneficial to have a mobile app that can be used to assist in completing these various tasks quicker and in high quality. In a society where the phrase, “there’s an app for that” little day to day tasks have been made simpler to accomplish just by touching a screen, especially in the workplace.

The FiLMic Pro App, a video app assists the PR professional in capturing the moment or creating a moment without having too many pieces of equipment. PR pros can shoot video of high quality on the spot from the palm of their hand on the IOS and the android platform, eliminating the need to carry around extra equipment.

Not Just Another Video App

Sure video applications come stocked on all mobile devices. However, FiLMic Pro is not your run of the mill video app. The app makes the novice feel like a pro, hence the name. Including a quick start guide and a user’s manual easy to access and assist the user how each component works in the application.

The user has the ability change and lock the focus, audio quality, the white balance, along with the warmth of the video to name a few settings available. The video clips can be edited in length within the app with a simple swipe of the finger. Connect a mic to the mobile device to obtain an interview or use a mount to attach to the tripod and the PR professional has captured important content with one simple mobile app.

Sharing is Caring

Each video clip can also be uploaded to iMovie to add that extra touch needed to complete the project. This can be done either on the same device or a computer. The app is simple to use on iPod touch, iPhone and the iPad making sharing video clips easy amongst the devices through the airdrop setting to include the Mac. With easy sharing capabilities, this app makes capturing and editing high-quality video easier for the PR professional capturing content without the in-depth knowledge provided by film school.

Things to Consider

Since FiLMic Pro uses such high-quality filming and several settings, the battery is drained rather quickly depending on the use of the device. It would be wise to have a portable charger on hand for battery life. Also, the video clips do eat up a bit of space on the device. Again, the user should prepare ahead of time and ensure all previous footage has been removed before use. Unfortunately, the app does not include a photo option to capture still imagines. The app does cost $9.99, however, the cost is minimal compared to the quality.

Wish App

 An ideal mobile app for a PR professional when it comes to capturing and editing video would allow for capturing all content in one app. Photos, audio, and video could be captured without having to transfer to other devices or apps to complete finishing touches and uploaded to various social media platforms at one time, to including the scheduling of posts. Currently, content must be transferred to complete a task or content and various applications along with 2 or more devices are necessary varying in different sizes.  If PR professionals had the ability to use one application on a maximum of 2 devices for this area, less time is needed to complete these tasks.

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